Man Ray & his Influence!

While attending college, I took a class that allowed us to find and learn about different photographers from around the world and with different artistic styles. Man Ray, an American Visual Artist, spoke to me immediately! While he considered himself a painter above all, he was best known for his photography. Although his ties were… Continue reading Man Ray & his Influence!

Fall Has Officially Begun!

Fall is probably the most beautiful time of year. Who doesn't love the oranges, yellows, pumpkins, and cool weather? I know I do. I am now offering Fall Mini's for just $50, now through October 30th! To kick off the fall season, I had the pleasure of photographing a great teen and her mother. I had… Continue reading Fall Has Officially Begun!

Back 2 School 2016-17!

It is that time of year again. Shopping for school supplies, clothes and what else besides photography? I had the pleasure of photographing my son (who is in the 8th grade this year) and another young man named Quashawn. We had too much fun and below are a couple photos I am dying to share with… Continue reading Back 2 School 2016-17!