Composite Self-Portrait

This week we have been working on creating composite photographs from the Symbolic and Figurative Self-Portraits we created last week. This was a trying assignment for me, but I learned a lot and I am excited to share my composite photograph with you all. A composite image is a photograph that combines two images to… Continue reading Composite Self-Portrait

Symbolic & Figurative Self-Portraits!

As promised I am going to share my Symbolic & Figurative Self-Portraits that I had to complete for my class. This assignment was quite emotional and I learned a lot about myself during the process. I am typically on the other end of the camera so I had a little bit of a difficult time… Continue reading Symbolic & Figurative Self-Portraits!

Back 2 School Myself!

I mentioned to you all before that I was going back to school myself and that I would keep you updated on how it's going and the work I create while in college. Well, I have some updates for you all! I just finished my first class, which was Introduction to Art, and I passed… Continue reading Back 2 School Myself!