New Classes Began!

My newest classes have begun and are already proving to be an amazing challenge. One of those classes are College Math, but we are going to talk about the photography classes only ūüėČ

The new photography class that I am taking is Principles of Photography and the story line they are having us work with is that we are Travel Photographers. Pretty cool, huh? During our first week we had to write a cover letter to an Art Director of a Travel Magazine and explain our biographical information and the research we have done on a travel website. That was a pretty easy task!


We are now in our second week and this weeks assignment was to choose a place of significance¬†in our community and photograph it in mid-day when it was bright out and just as the sun was setting and the light was low. I chose The Big House in Hazlehurst as it has an interesting story and the community fought hard to keep it standing. The Big House was built in the 1900’s and many people owned it over the years. They all used different rooms in the house for different things like a floral shop, restaurant and even a hotel. After it had become run down and in need of some serious repairs, the community just couldn’t part with it. So¬†the citizens and community leaders of Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County¬†launched a campaign that was called “Save the Big House”. Funding was made available by grants and other private donations and with this campaign they were able to save the Big House and restore it to its natural beauty.¬†Today, the Altamaha Technical College operates a culinary school inside the Big House. You can also book the entire mansion for private parties, weddings, reunions, proms, and so much more. The building itself has a lot of character and is quite beautiful.

We had to create a contact sheet and proof sheets of the photographs taken. I am sharing these below! These photographs are not edited in any way, as the assignment was to teach of about lighting, aperture settings, and shutter speed settings. Later today I will be editing some of the photographs to showcase them.

As always, let me know what you think! I have some other really great assignments coming up that I will be sure and share with you all.

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