Creating Slideshows & Books!

These last few weeks in this course have been AMAZING to say the least. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have learned in such a short time. I am quite sad that this course is coming to an end as of next week. This past week we have been learning how to use the slideshow and book features in Lightroom. I wanted to share these with you all!

For the slideshow we had to use three (3) photographs from our aspiring photographer and five (5) of the self-portraits we created in the previous weeks. I couldn’t have been more excited to do this task and showcase my images. I even added a beautiful piano tune entitled “Memories”! Below is the link to my slideshow. Please excuse the blurriness of the Youtube video. I am not sure why it turned out that way as it does not look like this when I view the file on my PC.

My Slideshow

We then had to create a Book in Lightroom. The book feature allows you to create pages of your artwork, add captions and text to fit your needs and many other amazing options. For this assignment we also had to use the same images as mentioned above, however, we had to use the vector image we created as the book cover. Unfortunately, I am not able to add the PDF version on the blog yet, but I will share my vector image with you below!


I cannot wait to share our final assignment with you all. Look for that next week! My next course should be just as interesting, if not more. I do have to say that my professor (Dr. Barkey) has been an amazing teacher and I am sad to be leaving his course. Who knows, maybe I will have him in another class before I graduate!

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