First College Assignment!

As you all may know by now I have started college to earn my Associates Degree in Digital Photography. 

The other day I submitted my first assignment and our Professor creates Youtube videos in order to critic and discuss our assignments. Below is the assignment and video of the first assignment, which I used my own work from the recent wedding I covered. The Professor speaks about mine first. Pretty stoked!

Assignment: Art Discussion

Our definition of what constitutes “art” has expanded and now includes many forms that weren’t always traditionally found in museums, such as web design, interior design, culinary plating, video games, etc.

  • By what criteria do you evaluate works of visual art? For example, do you think beauty is most important, originality, craftsmanship, or some other attribute.

  • Please explain by describing and providing links or images to specific examples of visual art that are related to your area of study or that you enjoy.


My Response was:

For me I believe that originality and craftsmanship is the most important way to evaluate works of visual art. Without originality and a persons own craftsmanship we wouldn’t have so many forms of art to enjoy.

I am an upcoming photographer who has a lot to learn. For this assignment I will be using my own work and digital photo of a recent wedding I covered. There were endless possibilities for photos at the weddings location it was hard to choose from. No one wants a photograph that others may have or something too similar. While photographing this wedding I did my best to be as creative and original as possible. Every bride needs a type of silhouette photo in their wedding dress, but it’s how you capture it that’s important. In the photo I have shared you will see that I focused on the bride herself and not other surroundings. You can see the curtains in the background are brighter than the bride, however, the bride sticks out more. By using natural light coming through the window and very little editing in Photoshop, I was able to capture this beautiful photo. I was also able to catch the brides expression, which to me looked as though she was contemplating her future with her soon to be husband. I believe you can make something completely original by how a photo is taken or edited even though you may have seen it before or something very similar to it.

I used this photo:

Wedding 26 Logo 

I hope you all enjoy this journey with me and I will be posting random assignments and updates about my courses. Your feedback and comments are always welcomed!



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